Interested in joining our team? Please read the information below regarding our office, application process, and info sessions. 

Check back here in January for information about applying to SAO for Spring 2021!

The Student Advocate’s Office (SAO) is an executive, non-partisan office of the ASUC. We offer free, confidential casework services and resources to any student(s) navigating issues with the University, including academic, conduct, financial aid, and grievance concerns. All support is centered around students and aims for an equity-based approach.

SAO caseworkers work with students on an individual, case-by-case basis, providing advice, support, and representation and helping students navigate the various administrative processes. Caseworkers also work with the University to improve policies and services.

After selection, caseworkers are assigned to one of four divisions: Financial Aid, Academic, Conduct, or Grievance. Caseworkers are provided with training and shadow cases with senior staff members. As soon as they feel comfortable, new caseworkers may begin to handle cases on their own.

Caseworkers will have the option to receive stipends in Fall 2021, and we are working to secure funds for future semesters. Stipends are opt-in, and should a caseworker feel they need more, we will work with them to try and accommodate.

SAO caseworkers gain invaluable experience applying their communication and critical analysis skills to real student cases, while helping students to resolve their conflicts with the University. In particular, caseworkers are able to develop strong relationships with various members of the University’s administration, while working in an office with some of the most interesting and talented students on campus.

Applicants should possess strong analytical skills, a high level of motivation, and excellent communication skills. Our most important concern is that applicants will be committed to the work that we do. We encourage all majors and ages to apply. Please note that we are an undergraduate office, and do not have the capacity to take on graduate students at this time. However, if you are a graduate student, please email and we can pass your contact information along to the Graduate Student Assembly to indicate that you are interested in a similar role at the graduate student level.

All applicants must be free on Monday evenings from 8-10PM PST for our general office and policy meetings.

Each caseworker is required to fulfill 3  office hours per week. Because casework sometimes involves work outside of the office, working in SAO generally requires about 7-9 hours per week. Additionally, all members of SAO must participate in occasional events to publicize the office’s services.

We accept applications at the beginning of every semester. Check back here in January for information about applying to our office for the Spring 2021!

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